«Novopak SV»

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About company:

 First products with the logotype of «Novopak SV» appeared at the Ukrainian market in June, 2008. An industrial complex «Novopak SV» was designed as the most modern type enterprise of Ukraine. A production workshop corresponds all European standards, and the automated equipment produces wares with unchanging high quality, that was to it is deservedly appraised the users of trays from made foam polistyrеne intended for packing of food products. By the best certificate there are stably high rates of growth of production that. For the first year of existence factory of «Novopak SV» became a leader on production and realization of the non-permanent packing volumes from made foam polistiyrene at the market of Ukraine. The newest equipment allows to produce to 500 million wares in a year, satisfying consumer demand in a necessary amount with the observance of the set terms. Technology of production allows to produce the wares of different colour gamut.
It is today possible to say with a confidence, that «Novopak SV» occupies leader positions at the market of Ukraine, Moldova, Byelorussia and systematic continues to grow production volumes. Trays from made foam polistyrene with the logotype of «Novopak SV» it is possible to see on the shelves of shops of practically all point-of-sale networks of Ukraine. Products, produced on Ukraine and not yielding in quality to the imported analogues, allow supermarkets considerably to economize charges on packing, due to a considerable difference in a price range and, certainly, mobility of deliveries. Today the term of implementation from the receipt of order to delivery on storage of buyer occupies 2-3 days. This be very important, in fact through ill-timed delivery of packing materials, because of not enough carefully thought out logistic it is possible to lose considerable parties of commodities, especially food group.
If to look forward, the specialists of OOO «Novopak SV» are develop the long-term program of development of company, directed on strengthening and expansion of the conquered positions. Its basic tasks are taken to providing of the proper assortment and the most important packing qualities, to the decline of costs and prognostication of expenses of company, in order that a domestic producer could become a supplier the products of European quality. A major factor of success is ability to put right and support long-term customer relations. A major factor of success is ability to put right and support long-term customer relations. Due to modern technology and now-how, our packing products answer setting, here we constantly aim to balance functional, economic and ecological indexes. Our clients win from permanent perfection of production process and introduction of new ideas.


«Novopak SV» «Novopak SV» «Novopak SV»